Primary Care Doctors in Brooklyn NY

More and more people are now relying on their primary care doctors for getting medical services. If you do not yet have a primary care physician, it’s time to find one. Your primary care doctor plays a very critical role in your healthcare. He or she is generally your first point of contact when you experience a medical problem. If you are wondering what the roles of a primary care doctor are, keep reading!

What is Primary Care?

Primary care is a comprehensive and continuous care provided by a doctor to the patients of all ages, from newborns to senior citizens. Primary care doctors or family doctors are trained to promote overall wellbeing by educating patients regarding medical conditions, risk factors, diseases, and lifestyle issues.

Importance of Having a Primary Care Doctor

The primary care physician is someone who takes care of your medical conditions and health care needs, often for years. From diagnosing and treating both acute and chronic conditions to coordinating healthcare services and treatment recommendations, they help you live a healthy life. They establish a professional relationship with a patient to get familiar with their needs, concerns, and medical history.

Medical Conditions Handled by a Primary Care Doctor

Let’s take a look at some of the valuable medical services that primary care doctors can provide.

  • Diagnose and Treat Non-Serious Ailments
    You can always talk to your primary care doctor even if you experience any new symptoms which are not urgent or severe. You can also see your family doctor for the symptoms that are still persisting or have become worse even after continuously following your doctor’s treatment plan. Primary care doctors provide high-quality medical care for acute pain, illness, infections, and non-urgent symptoms.
  • Routine Physical Examination
    Schedule an annual physical examination with your primary care doctor to monitor your overall wellness and diagnose any medical problems in the early stage. The family doctors perform routine physical exams that offer preventative care, STD testing, health screenings, and reproductive evaluations.
  • Treat Chronic Medical Conditions
    Not all medical conditions can be cured completely. There are certain chronic medical issues that require ongoing medical assessment. You might need a specialist for handling these chronic conditions, however, your primary care doctor can help by coordinating your care.

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