Cardiology Medicine in Brooklyn NY

Heart disease and cancer both remain the top causes of death in the U.S. When we talk about heart disease, the saying holds true, that prevention is the best medicine. Even if you have a family history of heart diseases, you can adopt a healthy lifestyle that will surely prevent or decrease the chance for future heart problems.

Preventative Cardiology is highly in demand due to the increasing trend of deaths and illnesses that take place because of various heart disorders. Hence, people want to know how to care and prevent one of the most vital organs of the body, the heart.

Preventative Cardiology is the field of medicine that deals with the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and disorders. Its treatment goals are tailored more towards the patient’s needs and lifestyle.

Preventative cardiology identifies patients who are at a high-risk of a cardiac event like heart attack and then work collaboratively with them to prevent the onset of heart disease. Keeping this in mind, cardiologists work to look for the specific risk factors and recommend the strategies for health and lifestyle changes to minimize the future risk.

The treatment approach for preventative cardiology includes:

  1. Primary prevention is for those who are vulnerable to the cardiovascular events.
  2. Secondary prevention is an ongoing maintenance check for those who have known heart problems just to prevent the additional events.
  3. Comprehensive prevention is all about cardiac evaluation, testing and individualized programs tailored toward the need of patients.
  4. Go for regular heart check-ups and regular screenings for blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  5. Regularly check on your weight. Remember that excess weight increases your chance of a heart disease complication such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes.
  6. Try to eat a balanced diet. Take plenty of fruits and vegetables as they contribute a lot to preventative cardiac care.
  7. Exercise regularly as it increases metabolism, thus burning the fat cells that have clogged your arteries.
  8. Say no to smoking and tobacco use as it increases your heart rate and the blood pressure. It makes your heart to work harder by contracting the blood vessels, hence narrowing the arteries.

It is hard living with a cardiac condition. It is just as hard as living with a person who has a cardiac problem. Cardiology Medicine in Brooklyn NY uses a holistic approach to prevent and treat several cardiac issues that ultimately lead to heart ailments.