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When you are considering a primary care provider in Brooklyn, it is important to understand your options. Some people will choose a primary care provider physician, while others will choose specialized or tertiary treatment. So, what’s the difference between these treatment types and their advantages and disadvantages?

Primary Care Explored

There are many kinds of internal medicine providers in Brooklyn, NYC. The first of which is primary care. Consider this a “first contact” type of treatment. Essentially, primary care (or PCP) physicians are trained to notice a broad range of health problems and can diagnose them efficiently. For example, they can identify visible and non-apparent symptoms and use them to get an idea of your health problem.

Then, they can work to help manage your disease, promote better physical and mental health, and prevent your disease from spreading. Brooklyn-based family doctors are typically considered primary care providers. They know a little bit of everything and can give you great treatment to get you started on the road to recovery.

However, they also serve as a guide towards finding more specialized care when necessary. For example, if your child has a severe stomach ache, a family medicine doctor in Brooklyn can diagnose the concern and provide primary treatment. However, they will need the help of tertiary care specialists if their treatment methods don’t work.

The Nature Of Tertiary Care

Tertiary care differs from other types of Brooklyn-area internal medicine because it is highly specialized on treating a particular disease. For example, a physician who provides only radiation-based therapy for cancer is a tertiary doctor. They are highly specialized in one medical treatment method. As a result, they can do what primary care physicians in New York cannot.

The interesting thing about tertiary care is that it works hand-in-hand with PCP physicians in Brooklyn to treat your health issues. For example, if an internal medicine provider in New York diagnoses your symptoms and thinks you may have a severe disease, a tertiary care expert will take over. In some cases, secondary care is utilized rather than tertiary care.

Secondary specialists work as a consultant to the primary physician during diagnosis and treatment. Like tertiary care professionals, they treat more specialized fields. However, they work hand-in-hand with the PCP doctor in Brooklyn in a way tertiary doctors do not. When a New York family medicine specialists suggest tertiary care, that expert takes over your case.

Examples Of Tertiary Care

Understanding the different types of tertiary care is crucial for a better understanding of this process. It will help you decide between primary internal medicine specialist or tertiary care in New York. Tertiary care includes, but is not limited to treatments like:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Burn treatment
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Cancer care
  • Neurological treatments

As you can see, these types of treatments require specialized and unique set of medical skills. Primary care physicians in Brooklyn have many advantages but cannot perform these procedures. However, they can identify your need for these treatments and find a tertiary care specialist who can get you the care that you need. So in the end, it is important to understand that these types of care aren’t competitive but complementary to each other.

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