Urgent Care Facilities in Brooklyn, NY

Unfortunately, many things in our life happen all of a sudden, people get sick and injuries happen. During the night time you may wake up with intense abdominal pain. You may even trip on the sidewalk while carrying groceries up the stairs in your apartment and hurt your ankle. Or at times your little one suddenly has persistent diarrhea during the weekend.Whenever such situations occur, it’s obvious to know where to go for care as your regular doctor may not available at odd hours.

It’s best to be prepared before the need arises, as you need to have knowledge about the difference between urgent care and emergency care to seek treatment that can save the life of your loved ones at the times of a medical emergency.

Know the difference between urgent care and the emergency room

Many people may find it confusing to know the difference between ‘emergency’ and ‘urgent’ care as both are meant to meet some medical need which is to be taken care of with an immediate attention. In terms of the level of care that is provided by both, there are many significant differences between the emergency rooms and urgent care centers.

When to visit an urgent care?

The urgent care facilities come in handy when primary care physicians are closed. The urgent care does not take care of various life-threatening emergencies like sudden heart attack for that you need to visit a hospital.

An urgent care clinic can take care of the following symptoms:

  1. Any injury like Cut finger, a sprained ankle
  2. Persistent diarrhea
  3. A Sore throat
  4. Ear pain
  5. Vomiting
  6. Fever without rash
  7. Painful urination
  8. Persistent diarrhea
  9. Traumas like common sprain or shallow cut
  10. And more…

But in case you have some disease that is long term and the occurrence has been gradual for example, you have repeated urinary tract infections, or you come to know that your child has taken up skin rash infection then it is worth to get in touch with your primary care doctor as he is aware about your health history.

In general, urgent care centers have made an overwhelmingly positive impression with the public. Urgent care facilities in Brooklyn, NY are an excellent choice when there is need of an immediate attention of doctor, but you are not facing any life-threatening illness or injury, as they bridge the gap between a physician’s office and the Emergency room. The wait times at urgent care clinics are much shorter than emergency rooms and the healthcare facilities are offered at affordable prices. Contact us today!