Internal Medicine

Physicians practicing internal medicine are specialists who use their clinical expertise to diagnose, treat and provide compassionate care for adults covering the entire horizon of health and illness. The practitioners of internal medicines are known as ‘internists’.

What Does an Internist Do?

Do not mistake the term internists with ‘interns’. An internist can be referred to as the doctor’s doctor because they are often called upon as consultants to the physicians, who discuss the diagnostic problems and help them resolve it at the earliest stage.

Internists undergo an intensive training at the onset of their careers. They spend at least three of the seven years of study learning how to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases that affect adults. This basic training helps them qualify for the study of internal medicine. Post training, they are referred to as ‘Internists’ or ‘Doctors of Internal Medicine’.

General Internal Medicine and General Internists

After the completion of basic training, many internists go for ‘general internal medicine’ and are known as ‘general internists’. They have the skills to treat a broad spectrum of disease and illness that affect adults and are considered experts in the diagnosis, treatment of chronic illness, and disease prevention.

They are specially trained to resolve puzzling diagnostic problems in several unique settings. So, they can handle severe chronic illness and situations where several illnesses strike together. Their training qualifies them exclusively for primary care.

Benefits of Seeking an out Internist

Choosing an internist over a primary health doctor is beneficial in many ways. Here are the top three benefits of seeking a general internist:

  • Dedication to Adult Care- In the initial three years of their medical school and postgraduate studies, internists learn how to care for adults. In this phase, they also develop medical skills which include prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of complex health issues.
  • Primary-level Care- Internists are specially trained to provide primary care to the adults. Thus, they act as the first line of defense against many complicated health problems. Apart from health diagnosis, they also perform routine checkups and treat a wide range of diseases.
  • Complete Health Care- Internists care for adult patients throughout their lives. They are trained to establish good personal relationships and work with their patients by solving complex medical issues. They also have a sub-specialization in one of the 13 areas of medical science such as cardiology, rheumatology, oncology and so on.

Physicians specialized in internal medicine are found all around New York City. If you are a resident of Brooklyn and do not wish to have a primary care doctor, talk to a physician practicing Internal Medicine in Brooklyn. You can find a seasoned internist right here at Artisans of Medicine. Contact us today!