Best Walk-in Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY

For a parent, it can be absolutely frightening when their child gets injured or sick. At that moment, it can be difficult to decide whether they need to make an appointment with their doctor or if their child needs urgent medical attention. Not to mention most children hate the very idea of visiting a doctor.

In this blog, we will discuss few unexpected situations that could require urgent medical care and we’ll take a closer look at the ways to make your visit to urgent care a better experience for your kids. Before that, let’s understand what a walk-in urgent care is and what are the benefits.

Walk-in urgent care is a viable health care option for those who need an immediate medical attention without an appointment. These centers fill the gap between the emergency room and primary care providers. They are designed to offer treatment for non-emergency ailments as well as offer lab and x-ray services.

Here are some of the advantages that make a walk-in urgent care clinic a desirable option for health care.

  • On-demand care with no appointment
  • Every day availability including weekends
  • Extended business hours during late evenings and early mornings
  • Cost-effective treatment
  • Wait times are significantly less than an emergency room

Instances that Require Urgent Care

Head Injury – As children often sustain head injuries, the parent need not worry about most minor injuries. However, it is important to monitor the signs your child may experience after a head injury such as vomiting, unusual behavior, loss of consciousness, etc. A head injury can cause internal damage which needs to be addressed immediately.

Difficulty Breathing – An allergic reaction, a virus, or an upper respiratory condition are some of the factors that could cause a child to experience difficulty in breathing. If your child is experiencing short or rapid breaths, you should strongly consider taking your child to an urgent care clinic.

Persistent Pain – It is common for kids to get bumps and cuts while playing which can be easily treated at home. If your child is complaining about persistent pain which cannot be relieved by over-the-counter medications, take it seriously and seek urgent medical care from a walk-in clinic.

You can make the urgent care experience positive for your child by extending regular encouragement and keeping them comfortable throughout the visit to the walk-in clinic.

If your child experiences any of these conditions, use your best judgment and look for the best walk-in urgent care in Brooklyn, NY like Artisans of Medicines. With well-qualified doctors and the latest technology, we are capable in delivering the best urgent care to patients of all ages. Visit our clinic to seek the right treatment for your child.