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Have you ever wondered that sleep loss can make you grumpy and even, drain your memory? Lack of sleep hampers your mental abilities and puts your body at risk. Learn, why sleep deprivation is bad for your health and how it can lead to some serious health problems, both physically and emotionally.

Effects of Sleeplessness on Mental Health

The sleep disorder can put you at the risk of:
  1. Mood Swings – Have you encountered some weird changes in your behavior like losing temper or emotional sensitivity for no reason? Sleep loss can make you moody.
  2. Memory Issues – Do you know your brain helps you process and retain information while sleeping? Too little sleep impacts your memory – both long and short term.
  3. Dumbs You Down – Sleep is a vital element in your thinking and learning process. Lack of proper sleep reduces your efficiency, productivity and judgment abilities.
  4. Cognitive Impairment – Do you feel deficits in concentration, attentiveness, reasoning, problem-solving abilities or in alertness? It is time to take adequate sleep.
  5. Chronic Stress and Depression – Anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the emotional health problems which may occur due to chronic sleep deprivation.

Effects of Sleeplessness on Physical Health

Sleep disorders makes you prone to:
  1. Heart Diseases – If you don’t get enough sleep, your body might be at the risk of irregular heartbeat, heart attack, congestive heart failure, and other heart diseases.
  2. Diabetes – With sleep deprivation, your body’s response to insulin effects. As a result, your body has higher blood sugar levels and hence, high risk of diabetes.
  3. High Blood Pressure – Are you deprived of sleep? You are risking yourself of high blood pressure or hypertension which may lead to other serious health problems.
  4. Obesity – If you are thinking that fast food or regular sitting job is the reason behind obesity or weight gain, then you must check your sleep routine!
  5. Stroke – Sudden severe headache, vision problem, dizziness, trouble walking and numbness are some of the signs of stroke that may occur due to sleep deprivation.
Here are some useful practices that can help you treat sleep deprivation and reduce its spooky effects.
  • Changing your routine habits such as doing exercise regularly, eating healthy food, sticking to an on-time sleep routine, avoiding consumption of alcohol and other stimulants, and practicing meditation and relaxation methods.
  • Modifying your bedroom space and surroundings are yet another good sleep practice. This could be done by creating a dim and cool environment in your bedroom and keeping gadgets out of your room.
Besides these beneficial tips, one of the most effective ways of getting rid of sleep disorder is to schedule a consultation for your sleep study. Get sleep disorder treatment in Brooklyn, NYC from the reliable professionals at Artisans of Medicine. We will help you find the reason behind your specific sleep problem and further, will offer various options for sleep therapies to rectify it. We will help you get the sound and healthy sleep you need! Contact us today!