Urgent Care Doctors

If you visit a walk-in urgent care clinic for the first time, you may be curious to know who is going to see you on your visit. Urgent care centers offer a wide range of highly-trained medical staff that provides convenient care to patients who want immediate medical attention without waiting for hours in a hospital emergency room.

Urgent care is a field of medicine that offers outpatient care for the treatment of acute and chronic medical issues that are not serious enough to require emergency care. Since walk-in doctors need to be proficient in evaluating and providing quick care, they are trained in family practice and emergency medicine.

Similar to family practice, urgent care medicine offers care to patients of any age and sex. However, it majorly focuses on acute medical problems. Unlike emergency medicine, the primary focus of urgent care practice is on acute medical issues that are not life-threatening.

In this post, we are going to determine the types of medical staff that work in walk-in urgent care clinics. Broadly, urgent care practitioners are divided into three categories: Physicians, Non-Physician Providers, and Clinical Staff.


 Urgent Care Doctors

The physician-led facilities mostly employee full-time physicians while some may employ several part-time physicians. Many walk-in urgent care centers are even owned by physicians. Additionally, your walk-in care clinic may staff temporary physicians who have the same qualification as the full-time physician but work for a defined time period at healthcare firms. They are hired by urgent care centers to fill gaps and increase their staff strength during busy schedules.

The physicians at urgent care clinics typically specialize in family practice and emergency medicine. The physician will either be a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). Both types of doctors have similar educational backgrounds, training, and possess the ability to diagnose health conditions, provide treatment, prescribe medications, and perform surgery.

However, an osteopathic doctor is additionally trained for musculoskeletal system and its relationship to different diseases and conditions whereas physicians with an MD degree emphasize and practice allopathic.

Non-Physician Providers

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It is very common to expect nurse practitioners or physician assistants to see you on your visit. These non-physician providers are not urgent care doctors but support their physicians by offering many of the same services as diagnosing the medical conditions and prescribing medications to patients.

  • A nurse practitioner possesses an advanced nursing degree and is licensed to diagnose and treat health conditions as well as prescribe medications. Many urgent care clinics hire them to provide additional care and increase patient satisfaction. These medical professionals are best suited for walk-in settings to handle non-emergent conditions & provide a level of care.
  • With advanced medical education and clinical training, physician assistants examine patients, diagnose health conditions, and prepare treatment plans as supervised by their doctors. However, the level of supervision varies by facility and state. Many physician assistants provide health care services on their own and consult doctors for any information that requires their approval.

Additionally, walk-in urgent care facilities use nurse practitioners and physician assistants to ramp up their staff.

Clinical Staff

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During your visit, you may interact with clinical staff including front desk staff, medical assistants, nurses, and X-ray technicians based on your medical problem. These staff members work together with urgent care physicians and non-physician providers to give you complete care and help you get recovered.

  • Front Desk Staff – Though front desk staff at the urgent care center may not be the right people to deal your medical condition, they are the best resource for guiding you to see the right walk-in doctor during your visit.
  • Medical Assistants – They are well-educated and trained to focus more on emergency and ambulatory services than on clinical care. Medical assistants primarily work on gathering patient information.
  • X-ray Technicians – Walk-in facilities often hire technicians to operate their x-ray equipment. X-ray technicians or radiologic technologists help physicians access and diagnose medical conditions of patients by taking diagnostic images of the inside of the body.
  • Nurses – Nurses often perform a similar role to the medical assistants in a hospital, but they typically focus on patient care. They are employed to assist both the physicians and non-physician providers in their responsibilities. During your visit to an urgent care facility, a nurse will check your vitals before you see the doctor.

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